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Girl, 23, London. Student. Easily amused.

I like everything. You know everything? I like it. Oh, except David Cameron. And mushrooms.

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15 storeys high, 30 rock, absolutely fabulous, anthony marantino, arrested development, barney loves robin!, being excitable, bill bailey, birds of america, bradley whitford, bright. harry bright., carrie bradshaw, catherine/warrick, certified non-genius jack donaghy, chances are, chareth cutestory: pirate lawyer, chris meloni, clueless, coffee coffee coffee, colin firth, coupling, csi, dexter, drop dead gorgeous, eliot/sophie, elliot/olivia, emily procter, fashion!, father ted, flight of the conchords, freaks and geeks, fry & laurie, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, have i got news for you, house/cameron, how i met your mother, i drink cooper's creosote, iron man, it's aph-ro-diii-teeeeeee!, jack & karen, jack/liz, jack/samantha, jason bateman, jeeves & wooster, jonathan creek, josh/donna, jules & mimi, kate walsh, kate winslet, keeping it vaguely imaginary, kevin spacey, kirstie allsopp, kiss kiss bang bang, kitsch, kylie, laura linney, lauren graham, liz lemon, location location location, london, luke/lorelai, mamma mia!, mariska hargitay, matt nathanson, matthew perry, messy hair, mixtapes, mocking csi: miami, moonlighting, mr. firth's mr. darcy, mr. larry, nate/sophie, never nude, non-fat tofutti rice dreamsicles, over-enthusiasm, packages in the post, paul rudd, phil & kirstie, playing by heart, politics, pop-pop in the attic, pretty people fighting crime, psych, quintessential studentiness, quoting clueless, revertigo, robert downey jr., ross noble, rufus/lily, ryan adams, s&tc: the movie!, sam seaborn for president, scrubs, sean lock, secret single behaviour, senator cheekbones, sex & the city, shoooes, single & fabulous exclamation point, smack the pony, sorkinese, soundtracks, special tramp dana scully, sports night, stanford blatch, stephen fry, studio 60, svu, the floydster, the guardian, the l word, the sunglasses of justice, the west wing, the zsa zsa zsu (it makes me crazy), tina fey, tobias f√ľnke: analrapist, truth! it's out there, veronica mars season one, wet hot american summer, wet shirt/colin firth otp, wonder boys, you old horny slut!
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